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Weston Community Housing, Inc.
23 Village Road
Weston, MA 02493

Merriam Village

 Merriam Village is a retirement community for persons of low and moderate  income, located on a beautifully landscaped site within a 15 acre  wooded lot bordering 150 areas of conservation land.

All apartments are designed for independent living. Merriam  Village is owned and operated by Weston Community Housing, Inc., a  private, non-profit corporation, in cooperation with the Town of Weston.  The corporation is self-sustaining with rents being the minimum amount  needed to cover expenses.

Any resident of Massachusetts, 60 years or older, with limited income  (maximum of $57,545 gross annually for a single person and $65,755 gross  annually for a couple) may apply. Preference will be given to persons  who are 65 and older, who have the greatest financial housing need,  Weston residents, parents of Weston residents, and other who have a past  or present relationship with Weston.

No pets are allowed. All apartments and common areas are non-smoking.